Red Pill Players is an Atlanta based performance troupe made up of improvisers, comedians, actors, and artists. The team started out as a small team of improv students seeking to get better at the art form and has grown into an active team of nine members with vast and varying skills performing throughout the city. Since Red Pill’s founding in 2014, the team regularly performs within Atlanta. They currently have a weekly improv, stand-up and sketch show called RELOADED that takes place on Tuesdays at the Relapse Theater in Atlanta. Please check out the calendar to catch a show that may be coming soon to your local city.

Red Pill Players are a team of warriors banded by their love of life, we seek to find the truth in comedy, think outside the box and when given a choice, always choose the Red Pill.

Our mantra is simple: Take the Red Pill and enjoy the Ride.

We hope our audience leaves our performance smiling, smarter and happier.

Q & A with Red Pill Players

  • Does the name have any reference to the movie, ‘The Matrix’?
  • Yes, of course it does. Who doesn’t love Keanu Reeves and Laurence Fishburne.

  • Do you give out red pills during the show?
  • We thought about it for a brief second, consulted our lawyers, and collectively decided against it. We have been known to give out t-shirts, red shaped candy and drinks for amazing audience members during our shows.

  • Where can we find you?

We are all over social media, here’s the one’s we are currently active on today: Facebook; Instagram; Twitter; These may change as social media changes, so check back to make sure the one you are following doesn’t meet the same demise as Friendster or Myspace.

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