Saturday Evening Improv

Come Check Out Red Pill Players @ Kats Cafe every First Satyrday of the Month Theater at 6pm. Doors open at 5pm. 

RPP Monday Conversations

The RPP Trailer

A little introduction to what the Red Pill Players regularly do during shows, festivals, gatherings, etc. We love each other, we have fun, and most importantly, with every opportunity, we put on a show you will never forget. 

Fun Fact Fridays

The Team


Actor. Improviser. Writer.
Powersource: Moon


Actor, Improviser, Comedian. Shakespeare
Powersource: Nunchuks


Improviser. Comedian. Musician.
Powersource: Atlanta


Improviser. Actor. Writer
Powersource: Mother Earth


Improviser. Comedian. Sketch. Writer.
Powersource: Movies


Improviser. Sketch. Writer
Powersource: Math


Improviser. Comedian. Sketch. Writer.
Powersource: Beard


Improviser. Actor. Writer
Powersource: Millenial Pride


Standup. Improviser. Writer.
Powersource: Nature


Standup. Actor. Improviser. Writer.
Powersource: Fire and Ice

We are Red Pill

The Red Pill Players are a group of actors, improvisers and writers brought together through their love of comedy. They have a combined total experience of 300 years as most of the members are reincarnated actors from medieval times and middle earth forced to live on this earth as regular humans rather than the dragons, sorcerors, and emperor of their original form.


Corporate Training



Red Pill Players is an Atlanta based improv troupe with over 30 years of collective improv, acting, and performance experience.


We are a team full of diverse backgrounds and lives. But above all else, we care about the art form, ourselves and the audience.


Every performance from Red Pill Players will have some element of the truth injected. We believe in sharing our truth with the world.

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